Sunday, May 8, 2005

Be friends with Google News

Here I will share one of the extremely useful tools I make fully use of in the field: GOOGLE NEWS.

The smartness about google news is you can actually add custom section, meaning you can gather the latest news that includes key word you choose such as tourism, name of your destination, etc. You don't need to flip over newspaper to find the news you would be intersted in. Smart tool, indeed.

When I was a marketing manager at Tourism Gangwon Province of South Korea, I created two sets of news pages: 1) in Japanese (target market) with the key word "Gangwon" (the name of the destination) and in Korean (destionation) with tourism. I covered news on the industry and the destination in both countries. I used the news as ice braker in the initiation of meeting, etc. People will listen to you if you start sharing the latest news that they haven't checked.

All you need to do is to go to google news and log in, and check the custom section with your favorite key word. This is a good tool to know which medium covered your destination as well as to catch up with the news in the industry.

If you are a tourism student and want to know what is going on in the industry, start setting the custom page with the key word tourism, and try to read one or two articles a day. You will get a broad idea of the industry.

This tool is quite useful for anybody. If you like Jessica Alba, for instance, you can gather her latest news too! Enjoy!!

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