Thursday, January 15, 2009

My farewell party

At a hotel banquet..

People in the industry held a farewell party for me. To the party, surprisingly, 90 people from travel industry, media, goodwill envoys and more showed up. Thanks a lot, everyone!

Kim, Man-Jin, the Director of Korea Tourism Organization

Michihiko Fujii, the Deputy Director of the Local Newspaper

Choi, Baek-Woon, the Director of Korean Air

received a bunch of flowers

My last speech

It was a Thursday evening in the early of this year. The party has started at 6pm. People must have been super busy with their tasks. (It is very common for them to work overtime.) I was grateful for that they came over to see me.

Receiving lots of supports from Asia, I am now in San Diego proceeding my way.

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