Tuesday, September 8, 2009

News: Tribal tourism efforts pay off

Indian Country Today
Tribal tourism efforts pay off

Speaking of Native American in tourism, it would be casinos that people usually think of. Each Indian reservation has a casino to generate revenue and jobs in the community.

This article introduces how lucrative this Native American tourism in Arizona is and the demographics of the visitors.

The word "casino" reminds me of Korean  market, because they are passionate about gambling. In the country, gambling is prohibited except at the casino called Kangwon Land in the mountaneous area 4 hours drive from Seoul, the capital city of South Korea. I have visited the casino as a familiarization tour a couple of times, and surprisingly the Las Vegas sized casino is literally filled with people gambling even on weekdays.

I took some of my native Korean friends to the Del Mar Horseracing, and they are totally hooked up. Later on that week, they visited the racing track again to bet some more. On the other hand, I as a Japanese felt a bit guilty spending money on gambling.

Asian is often categorized in a single group, but their needs and wants are pretty different from the culture.

Korean customers might be the savior for the Indian casinos.

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