Saturday, September 26, 2009

Visiting LA

I visited LA over the weekend.

The purpose of this trip was 1)to meet the officials of Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) LA office, 2)to meet the Marketing Manager of KTO Osaka office, 3)to meet a friend of mine who is planning package tours for a Japanese travel agency, and 4)to visit tourist sites in greater LA.

My biggest failure in this trip was that my camera had a shortage of battery. It is a pity that I can't show the people and the scenery I saw in this trip.

1) Korea Tourism Organization LA office

KTO is the government owned organization to promote Korean tourism. They are, of course, focusing on outbound tourism; however, they are a great source of information.

Korea Plaza in KTO LA Office

First I met Myongsun Kim, the Executive Director. We talked in his office about his office's current strategy, issues and events as well as my current activities. We also talked about my bosses and co-workers in my previous job. He knew most of them. We talked in Korean and he said he would recognize me as a native Korean speaker if I won't tell him. Since I came here in California, the opportunity to speak Korean is more limited than the times I was working with KTO. It was good to know that my Korean was still good.

Then, the Director Kim introduced me the other officials.

Kijung Jung, Director
In Sook Lee, Deputy Director
(The official under the Deputy Director wasn't in office then)
Jennifer Goger, Marketing Coordinator
Amber Lee, Marketing Coordinator

I also took a tour of Korea Plaza where Korean tourism and culture are exhibited. There I met Sienna Woo, the receptionist. She is in charge of the customer service.

In the office building, there are four organizations located. KOCCA (Korea Creative Contents Agency) was one of them. There I met Dan Lew, Marketing Director, and Ellie Hong, the Admin & Account Manager.

2) Marketing Manager of Osaka office

Hiroko Tanaka, the Marketing Manager of KTO Osaka, and I have worked together for the last 6 years in seminar, Japan mission, consumer events and travel trade marts. Even though the number of flights have been decreased due to JAL has been cancelled some of the flight operation, Osaka is still the second biggest city in Japan and it holds a large number of travelers , and KIX is Osaka's international airport. Hiroko and I exchanged current information in the industry.

3) Friend in the industry

I met my friend in Redondo beach where she lives in. We talked about the industry having dinner at a nice diner in Manhattan beach. She is in charge of planning package tours, especially cruise trips.

4) tourist sites in Greater LA

Getty Center- America's "Castle"
South Bay - the night view from PV (Palo Verdes) is AMAZING

Again, I wish the battery were still remain. I learned a lesson.

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