Friday, February 26, 2010

Free Buffet at Valley View Casino

Friday afternoon. Some of my friends and I went to Valley View Casino for early dinner. I would say this is the best buffet in the West coast.

If you have ever had dissapointing buffet in Las Vegas, this is the place you revenge.

Honestly, I am not a big fan of buffet because I appreciate quality over quantity.
However, I truly loved the buffet: their food is fresh and tasty. It is worth driving more than an hour from San Diego. And you can get it for free if you join the casino membership, which is also free.

I am seriously craving for the food the next day. I will definately come back. Next time I don't mind paying $25.

My friend's dish.. mushroom, croque...

My dish.. lobster, salad, ham, cheeze...
You see seafood and sushi, bread, European, Chinese chicken...

This is how food is displayed

Everything is fresh, everything is tasty

Crab legs
Shellfish- oysters and mussels

Don't foget your dessert!

Pies- cherry pies, blueberry pies, apple pies...

Chocolate dipped strawberries

Pies on top, fruits below

All kinds of berries- blue berry, rasberry, strawberry, blackberry
Ice cream!!

Again, I like this place becauase it is different from other casinos where advertise free buffet and end up spending certain amount of money playing slots or table games to earn points for the "free" food. This amazing buffet is absolutely free!

16300 Nyemii Pass Road
Valley Center, CA 92082

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