Friday, February 19, 2010

Happy happened, again!

I wrote the other day about I got a free parking permit from a stranger and I was grateful.

And guess what, this happened again!

It was funny because when I told this to my classmates, guys asked me if I found his phone number left on the back of the strip. They even said that would be a smart technic to pass on his phone number to girls. Haha

For your information, this time's guy was different from the last one, and there was no number left on it.

And also, I said in the last posting that I would like to pass on the kindness to others. Kindness AND Money are something go around and come back to you if you pass on others. And so I donated a small amount to my friend's fundraiser.

My friend is a bio researcher at UCSD and he is going to challenge triathlon for the first time in his life. This charity is for blood cancers and not for all types of cancers. And research on blood cancers may lead to cure in other types of cancers as well.

My friend's fundraising page for the Leukemia and Lymphomia Society

If you want to experience karma, please go to his page and do donate. Any amount will be appreciated.

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