Thursday, February 25, 2010

Intercultural Cuisine Roundtable (ICR)

This is something I always wanted to organize.

Intercultural Cuisine Roundtable

Mission: Have a happy moment with friends discovering world's unique and tasty cuisine from all over the world here in San Diego.

Food: a variety of food from all over the world so that many people can join.

Here are some examples:
  • Malaysian Steamboat
  • Dim Sum
  • Crepe
  • Hayashi Rice (Japanese Beef Stew)
  • Afghan
  • Hottok (Korean sweet)
  • Indian

Members: whoever can appreciate world diverse cuisine- please let me know if interested.

Venue: either dine out or gather at somebody's place.

Ideal is in each roundtable has at least one person from the origin of the food. Or simply pick a native owned restaurant and interact with the people there. Sounds fun, huh? Yay!!
I will report the result on this blog. Look forward!!

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