Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Kebab Shop

Thursday 7:30pm. Weekend is just around the corner. I am writing this while biting today's dinner- doner kebab.

I come to know about this shop in my marketing class. My instructor Brian is an innovator; he loves edgy, stylish stuff.

Anyway, he showed me this website called StyleXplorers, and this wonderful shop was on the site (The Kebab Shop- Worth the Drive).

Hummus and fresh salads


curving meat

Clocks shows different times: Tokyo, San Diego Zurich...but why?
Here I was stopped taking photos in the store. Well, that's alright!

So, this is lamb doner

Great thing about this kebab is how it is wrapped so that your hands and month won't be messy. Smarter than hamburger, cleaner than tacos.

They also have shish kebab plates, shawarma (meat with humberger-like buns), etc. Taste guaranteed!

I am accustomed to this city enough to go to this small shop in downtown after work. Great progress.

630 9th Ave
San Diego, CA 92101
(corner of 9th and Market)
(619) 525-0055

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