Saturday, February 13, 2010

Making Sense of Men

This is the title of the book that sit at work place's restroom. I don't know who left it, for what reason, but it wasn't there last week.

Making Sense of Men

I just skimmed it. haha

Learning more about the book online, the point was men are attracted to (young) woman because:

  1. she has vitality
  2. she is relatively easily impressed by men (men needs to impress women for energy to love women)
    so when men display his status, position, resource, accomplishment, etc, that is to impress/ attract woman. Girls, that's when you show your admiration to him. haha
  3. she admires men, and appreciates men's effort, not their result
  4. playfulness
  5. confidence
Probably I won't buy the book because the idea is something I have already know... fufufu <- Japanese way of laughter

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