Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ocean Beach

I live 5-10 minutes away from OB. I have always lived close to the ocean whole my life. I like ocean. I like beach too. When I feel hurt or sad, I drive to the beach, stay in the car listening to music for a while, and walk around, sit on the cliff. This way, I never failed to reset myself.

Beautiful and large ocean linse off my heart, as if it tells how small I am. 

I like rocky beach with less people.

Waves wash my heart, waves take all my sadness away.
This moment all the emotions in me turned to tears and left my body.

And I stand up and find myself moving forward.

Good thing is I know how to get back to who I am, and I never neglect saving myself from the bad shape. Always move my head and body to get back to normal by myself.

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