Wednesday, February 10, 2010

pesto pasta with soy oil asparagus

Cooking is not my expertise, even so I never stop cooking. I cook because I am craving for good food.

pesto pasta with soy oil asparagus

I love food. I love eating. So I am hoping to cook my favorite dishes well.

So this is my rule to improve my cooking: try a new dish once a week.
  1. go to Henrys, pick a great-deal vegetable
  2. find a recipe online
  3. cook

this week's good buy was asparagus. 2 for $4!!

Pesto pasta with soy oil asparagus
How to cook:

  1. Wash asparagus, break off the tough ends.

  2. Marinate with soy olive oil (soy 2: olive 1), grill in oven.

  3. Boil pasta as suggested, marinate with basil pesto. 

  4. Cut the grilled asparagus and decorate them on top of pasta. 
Asparagus can be boiled or sauteed, but grilling adds savor in taste. 

Easy and satisfying. If you feel like cooking asparagus, Asparagus 101 by All About would be helpful.

My discovery: asparagus is sweet like corns!

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