Friday, February 26, 2010

Salsa at Miami Grille

Salsa dancing is one of the topics I can talk forever (or simply show forever!)

San Diego has the fair number of bars/ clubs that offers free salsa lessons, or just drop in and dance with other salsa dancers. Also, there are lots of dance studios offering salsa lessons.

You can check out this site called Salsa San Diego. They have salsa information in town.

Here I will share with you two of the venues I sometimes hit on.

1. La Jolla Marriott on Wednesday- I wrote about this here.

2. Miami Grille at UTC mall on Thursday

Located in UTC mall, right next to the bus terminal.

Live music is the big appeal of this venue. The band called Luna Llena plays latin music.

The free lesson is 7:30pm~, I believe. No cover. Compare to La Jolla Marriott, the venue is much smaller. Agian, I like dancing to live music. Groovy night.

I also gather salsa event information through There is a San Diego Salsa meetup group.


  1. I live near Miami Grill. My friends sometimes go there and Mariot too.

  2. If you live close by, you definately should try! I also go dance at Marriott La Jolla. I like Miami Grille because of their live band. I also like Marriott's large dance floor.