Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Social Technographics Ladder

Resource: Groundswell <- great book on social media marketing. Great investment.

This is the six groups of onlines customers. Among those who use the Internet, some are information transmitters (just like me writing about new restaurants and cafe), some are readers. There are more social media users than blog writers. As a social media marketing practitioner, you need to know the portion of each group- especially creators and critics existing.

According to the portion of group of your market, you need to tailor your strategy. The essential is you figure out whether they are online. If your target market was 60 plus, you need to make sure whether there is still advantage to practice marketing via social media.  After all, you need to go where customers are.

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Interesting comparison between countries:
US 18 %, Europe 10%, Japan 22%, South Korea 38%, Metro China 36%

US 25%, Europe 20%, Japan 36%, South Korea 27%, Metro China 44%
US 10%, Europe 10%, Japan 6%, South Korea 14%, Metro China 18%

US 25%, Europe 13%, Japan 22%, South Korea 40%, Metro China 32%

US 48%, Europe 37%, Japanese 70%, South Korea 39%, Metro China 71%

US 41%, Europe 53%, Japan 26%, South Korea 37%, Metro China 25%
An article from groundswell site:

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