Wednesday, March 17, 2010

How I met my San Diego

I have had this dream for years and I have worked hard on it. In the last couple of weeks, I sacrificed my sleep, appetite and all the energy and passion. I was happy doing so. Today was the biggest day in my life, and I did my best. However, I couldn't get satisfaction that I imagined.

I wasn't rejected, yet I (or my proposal) wasn't fully accepted either. I know it is because of their tight budget, or less priority. I need to wait for their decision or keep in touch with them to see the further opportunity. I was mad at myself and the result. I thought again and again if there was something I could do better.

Then I wrote to Corrie, my life coach, and her reply reminded me of my experience in the past. I would like to write about it for my reminder.

This happened when I was in collage in Japan and applied for the study abroad program. I got the best score of all students and got the chance to pick my favorite school. I chose Baylor University in Texas because they have free board and meal as scholarship. But then school called me and said I have to go to San Diego State because they want better student and otherwise they will finish the exchange program with my Japanese university. I was sad because I couldn't go to the school I chose.

I called one of my professors and asked for help. He talked with school and brought government scholarship somehow. I went to SDSU with $800 a month that I can use however I want. I lived in an apartment, not a small dorm with no privacy. I fell in love with San Diego. It turned out well because the school in texas was located in a rural area- 40 mins from the nearest starbucks. People are so religious that they went to 3 churches on sundays, you can't make friends with anybody if you don't have the belief. People listen to Jesus songs everywhere and hold the Bible wherever they go. There is no diverse there. My life and perception towards the US would have been dramatically changed if I hadn't come to San Diego.

I am grateful to know San Diego, I am grateful to come back to this city. I always feel like my love towards San Diego is one way, but there should be some reason that I am back in San Diego now and what is happening now.

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