Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Why is Mexico dangerous?

Have you heard of Toyota's 5 Whys? This is a method to seek cause-effect relationship.

People think Mexico is dangerous. Why is Mexico dangerous anyway? Here I will show you why by using Toyota's 5 Whys.

Mexico is dangerous.

Why?  Because drug dealers are fighting against the Mexican police.

Why? Because drug dealers' traffic is blocked near the border.

Why? Because drug dealers want to carry drugs to the US.

Why? Because they make tons of money out of the deal.

Why? Because people in the US use drugs.

People who smoke weed might think it is their freedom or right. Then what about the right for Mexicans' life? They want to live safe just as we do. It is scary that people's small actions can affect other people. I believe one's right should be claimed when others' are guaranteed.


  1. This is so insightful May. Simple words, deep meaning!! I agree completely. Demand is what causes a rush for supply...there is a price because someone is willing to pay!! In this case, it is drugs!! Stop the demand, stop the violence.

    I hope you fell better soon. I will call again :)
    And keep writing!!

  2. Thanks Pryait! I am glad you come back to this blog and leave comments. You motivate me in many parts of my life.