Friday, May 14, 2010

Always Looking Up

My first love- Michael J. Fox.

It was when I was about 11 when I saw him in the movie Back to the Future. I fell in love when I saw his smile. I bought his calender- his smile made me happy.
He was on the TV commercial promoting bottled milk tea (Gogo Tea). I would often buy one from the vending machine on the way home from school. I thought that way I supported him as a fan. That behavior was the proof of being a fan.

His existance might have motivated me to practice English, and this country (I didn't know he is Canadian until recently)

20 years has passed since I first "met" him, and yet I remember him and order his book. Always Looking Upand. Thank god I understand his language. Reading is communicating. His attraction was not fake- pretty authentic. I am proud of myself liking him.

I like myself trying to learn things that interest me- no matter what it is. Emotion of liking is very precious. It drives you to anywhere.

I like being true to myself. I face myself and dig me deep to seek what I like, what makes me feel good, what I liked in childhood. I admit what I like as what I like no matter how old or how out-of-fashion it is. I like the rock back T-Bolan, which was popular in the 90's and still listen to their songs. Old songs contains old memory. Old songs have power to lift me up. I burn CDs and distribute them to friends. I like to share my passion with people.    

Having what you like is your intangible asset.

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