Thursday, May 6, 2010

Decimal Birthday Calculation

Birthday is a day you appreciate that you are born in this world, you appreciate that for your parents, etc. It is always a good attitude to show gratitude to things.

You can calculate your decimal birthday from this site. I learned that I am 10,925 days old today, and my next major decimal birthday is Tuesday, July 20th, 2010.

According to Nikkei Associe's article (Japanese), 10,000 days from your birth day falls in around your 27 years old and 3 months. (If you are born April 1st, 1983, it is August 27, 2010.) Also, 20,000 days from your birth day falls in 54 years and a half.

This might be a good metric to reflect your life.

Well, my 30th birthday is coming soon and I would like to organize something memorable. Only my hope is to meet as many friends as possible to show gratitude that I am happy to have known all of them.

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