Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Day Mexico Lost

Who would imagine from thiese pictures that Mexico actually lost against Argentina?

The city of Tijuana was unbelievably empty and quiet in spite of Sunday afternoon. Crossing the border from the US, there was nobody except us... people would have been watching the game at home, and then depressed from the result.

Fortunately, it didn't take long before they recovered from the loss- they got out of the house and started to have parade and fiesta.

Us surrounded by hilarious Mexican parade team

Me dancing with locals.

I found this crowd moving from a place to another, and I talked to one of them and asked what they were doing. He replied:

"Well, we lost the game. So you know... FIESTA :-D"

Then as you see in the video, they pulled us in their group and we danced to the music. It was pretty fun!

I am working in Tijuana Monday through Friday, and I was afraid if I would feel sick of Mexico visiting Sunday. I enjoyed being in Mexico to the fullest.

For the venders, it wasn't a good day for their business, but thanks to the result of the game, I got to talk with locals.

Funnily enough, I even consulted with one of the middle aged venders about my love relationship. He asked if I had a boyfriend and I explained him my situation right now. He is being funny saying "Oh, so that guy doesn't live close to you? Then why don't you find a guy here in TJ? JAJAJA" But also he told me "You should know, guys can get scared to get hurt and that prevents them from acting properly". I thought that would be so true. From my experience, many Mexican guys are good at consulting girl's love relationship. At least my friend Mau and Luis are that type. And this vender called Pedro was also.

The great thing was I went through all the conversation in Spanish. I felt my Spanish is imprvoing. I am moving forward even though it is a real baby step. Thanks to my working environment, I get to listen to lots of Spanish. Working in Mexico, especially my driver Andres helps me with my Spanish. Today, I talked with the taxi driver, taco making man and woman, etc. I was a bit more talkative- without alcohol.

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