Sunday, June 27, 2010

My Personal Goals

It has been a week since I started working in San Diego/ Tijuana.

Two weeks ago, I got job offers from two companies in San Diego in the same industry, and I picked a Japanese company with a position of an Executive Assistant and also in charge of new business development, after thinking hard.

My lng-term goal is to live in San Diego half of the year and the rest in Fukuoka, Japan. I believe working for a Japanese company in SD/ TJ is a good start to set a base in San Diego. 

This is the goals I set for this coming 3 to 5 years.
- Engaged in the businesses as follows with a company in San Diego:
   Business Development, Sales, Marketing, PR
- Why San Diego? Because I have the network here, and I love this city.

- Things I earn from this working experience
  • Business know-how in the US
  • Knowledge, experience and possibly performance in this new industry
  • Activities to support Japan
  • Certain financial capability
Comparison between who I am now versus who I will be in 3-5 years

Regional Area of Business

Current: Japan and Korea, some US
In 3-5 years: Japan, Korea, US and Mexico


Current: Japanese (native), Korean (business), English (somewhat business), Spanish (working knowledge)
In 3-5 years: Japanese, Korean, English and Spanish (all business level or above)

Personal Activities 
Volunteer work
Spanish learning
Writing books and thesis
Schooling (MBA- night classes or weekend)
Salsa- Cuban Style as well as On 1

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