Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Where my heart belongs- Balboa Park

My favorite place in town would be definately Balboa Park. I visit it almost every week.

I took some pictures of one of my favorite areas where I visit when I am alone.

California Tower and the Dome

This is the place where I face to my mind. Sitting at the bench, I look up the sky, I listen to the sound of water. I reflect the way I have come, and think of the way I will step. I have visited and done the same for years. As a tourist, I visited here and prayed. I wished that I would like to come back to San Diego to live. And, here I am. Whenever I visit Balboa Park, I remember how blessed I am.

I really wonder why I am obsessed with this city this much. This might have something to do with my previous life, if any.

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