Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Dr Seahorse

On this blog, I would like to introduce some of my favorite San Diego artists.

Dr Seahorse is truly my favorite. They are unique. I love their music and performance.

I know about them thanks to my professor Brian. He knows all the cool stuff in San Diego and more. He is such a fun guy- he speaks French, Spanish and Italian. That evening he, his assistant Margo and I went to the concert after class. Obviously, this happened a couple of months ago because I graduated from school.

Anthology in Little Italy. Anthology is a supper club. Very nice.

Food- I liked the musroom croque on the left of the pics. Brian and Margo are big fans of beats. Yes, those are good too.

Dr Seahorse!!! Trevor Davis and Mark Suhonen.
I love how Trevor moves. You can check his move on My Space.

The group is a little older than a year. Until the group was formed, Davis was performing solo.

Then he came down from the stage to say HI! to San Diegan fans!!

I love his movements, spontanaity, everytihng he does!! Pretty inspirational.

Brian, Margo and Dr Seahorse.

Margo, me and Mark.

Try Dr Seahorse Song at Dr Seahorse My Space Site

It was an amazing night. I felt I am alive, I live in America, I live in San Diego, where happy happens.

We stopped by Bencotto for awesome pasta. All the favorite was in this night. Thank you Brian and Margo!!

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