Saturday, July 24, 2010

Grupo Niche Concert

I had a dream-like time at Grupo Niche concert. Niche is a world-famous salsa band from Cali, Colombia. The city of Cali is located 30 minutes away from Bogota, the capitol city, and is famous for SALSA.

I leanred about the concert the day before by the email that the salsa meetup group organizer John sent out saying there was one ticket left. I have three of their CD and I had to be there to experience the authenticity. He kindly gave me $10 discount, supposely. I don't know the original/ real price, but that was not the matter.

It was Thursday night and I had to wait for the group showing up and play. They showed up at 11pm. As soon as they started playing, I felt I made a right choice being there. Their music turned me on, totally.

They started all the good numbers as a prologue.

The band is consist of 15 musicians. Surprising thing about San Diego (or this country) is that this kind of top-class musicians come visit to play, and they play at a normal, regular bars like the one they played that night. The club isn't located in Downtown, it was a club for Latinos and I was a few of non-Latino in the venue. And they played right there like 8 feet away from where I stood.

It is a little nervous to visit a new place, especially where you don't belong to. But I can't stop myself taking an action- that is the only way to spice up my life and make my comfort zone larger. I know that.

They played all the famous songs. Very satisfying.

With the lead vocalist.

I was so lucky to be a Japanese. At the intermission, a couple of the members came down from the stage, walked towards me. They asked my name and where I was from. They greeted me in Japanese. They said they visited Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya. Lucky me being Japanese and speak basic Spanish.They let me take pictures with them first, shook hand with me first.

Surprisingly while playing, he even called my name on stage like "May de Japon!" Being only Asian in the club, I felt very welcomed.

What I liked about salsa live is that their organized dance. I saw it the first time since last year in la casa de la musica in Cuba.
Live is good, and authentic music is good. The music shakes my spirit, and I can't stop myself from moving. Music moves my body and soul. I like the feeling. I danced, danced and danced. I felt 100% of freedom and satisfaction.

Some people enjoy music, and

some people are dancing to the Niche's live play. I did the same. I let myself move as music moved. Can't feel better. Only the passion can move myself.

Alondra is from Cali, Colombia. I was glad that she talked to me. She told me a lot about Cali and salsa. I should visit Cali some day to feel the city of salsa.

They played Cali Pachanguero as an encore. It is my (and most fans') favorite song.

The concert ended 1:20am, and I was filled with energy.
On the way back, the salsa CD music sounded a little cheap.

Life is too short just to work.
I will follow my instintion. I was born to be happy, I was born to love, and I was born to enjoy my life.

My favorite Grupo Niche song list:
Cali Pachanguero- enjoy the music with the pics of the city of Cali.
Sin Sentimiento- I love the "estoy pensando" part so much. Sang aloud at the live.
Gotas de Lluvia- Rain drops. I kind of like the lightness of the song.
Ana Mile- I danced to the live music. I love the second half of the song. Ana Mile ownz.
Miserable- I like sad songs some how since I was little
Listo Medellin- I like how the song starts.

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