Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Morena Lake Hike

I am not a hiking person- I prefer ocean to mountain. I never expect myself having this much fun hiking before.

Morena Lake is located off I-8 near Mount Laguna, less than an hour away from Downtown San Diego.

My friend K, Elena and Tony. Thanks for inviting me. I had a great time.

Nice view.

This was a Meetup group. My friend Tony is an expert of outdoors and he is the organizer of the group. Thanks Tony for this great weekend.

Tony. His outdoor goods are all sophisticated. Check out his shoes...

Crossing the stream.. avoiding the poison oak...



It was a HOT day, I carried 2 litters of water in my backpack. I consumed only a litter though. Well, I was afraid of nature calling.

Elena, K and Haydn. Youth.

Nice weather- we took 30 minutes break in the middle of the mountain. We had fruits, dried fruits, etc.

People resting and chatting.

On the way back, we took a couple of rest finding the shades.

It was HOT, but it was worth hiking. I really needed exercise like this because I tend to sit all day at work.

Also because we had poison checker afterwards :-D

San diego poison checker is a group consist of 6-8 friends who love to eat :-P

Here is the description:
We trust our instincts and taste buds to lead us to the most unique and stomach satisfying kitchens in this wonderful city of San Diego.

Our mission is to take full advantage of the culture diversity this land is providing, in order to expand our cuisin experience and appreciation for the best gift god's ever given to human beings, FOOD.

(And of course the real territory coverage can be from SF to TJ, so lots of options out there)

Hey, this is exactly what I wanted!!

So, this was our 3rd session and we hit this Vietnamese pho place called Pho Hoa. This restaurant offers pho only, and as seen on pics, beef pho is their speciality.

It was good! There are different kinds of meat. Thanks K for the suggestion.

You can't really rely on English menu.. which is a good sign.

Next poison checker is Russian/ Georgian food. Can't wait!!


  1. Wow, I'm new in San Diego and looking for some awesome place to hike!

  2. There are so many places to hike in San Diego. I liked Devil's Punchbowl.

    If you are new in town and hike (and make friend), meetup is a good place to start. Please refer to my article for link.