Sunday, August 8, 2010

Eight Weeks, Lots to Learn

Eight weeks have passed since my new career exploration started.

I am learning a lot- about the major industry that sustain modern society, how to quote, how to penetrate new market, etc. Addition to that, I am now in charge of logistics and import/ export due to my co-worker's leave.

I never expected to get engaged in these tasks, and I don't know the meaning of this is now on my plate. What I know is that things happen for a reason, and there will be no impossible challenges coming in front of my way. All this knowledge could be a clue in some point later in my life, or feed me for the rest of my life.

The current tasks and people will be added to my previous experience in marketing and PR, and a vaerity of connections.

My dream is to live half a year in San Diego, and the rest in Fukuoka, my hometown. I am proud of establishing experience and connection that nobody else could  build in their twenties. I have back-up choices if I had to go back, though the network is people, and you need to warm up the relationship sometimes.

I need to let people know how I am doing because all people I know can be my life supporters.

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