Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Here I am

Beautiful summer sunset of San Diego.
Here I am.

A friend of mine went back to Japan and posted on facebook that he shouldn't complain about Japan because he has to find a girlfriend.
And I commented "I never complain about San Diego, and I don't have a boyfriend. Why??"
He replied "San Diego is your boyfriend, isn't it?"


I have been in love with San Diego since 2001, and I tried hard to be with him. I visited him almost every year since I left the land in 2002. I poured pure love to him, and it took years to come back in him. I felt he wouldn't have me in him when transition didn't work well.
But, here I am. I am in San Diego. I tend to forget about this fact because I spend less time due to my work, but I live in where I love.
While driving the freeway, I never fail to give a salute to the skyscraper, to the flying airplane crossing over the freeway and the strip of the airport. I give a salute to the ocean, to the palm trees. That is my expression of love towards this city.

(Thanks for the pic, Alex the Camera Guy)

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