Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Luxurious Single Dinner Night

My friend Sammy owns a Sushi restaurant Sushi Yaro in Claremont. He used to be the owner of Sammy Sushi, if you know. My (and his) food savvy friends loved their sushi, but I hadn't tried yet.

I got off from work early enough to do something, and I decided to visit him to try his proud sushi.

Clean, comfortable space, decent sushi, and great customer service.

San Diego is famous for sweet sea urchin. Yum!!!

Today's special: Hirame kama.. shioyaki (grilled with sprinkled salt). Excellent.

Green tea mochi ice cream for dessert. I was FULL!!

I liked sitting at the counter. Talking with the sushi chefs, watching sport TV, and talking with other customers.
There was a couple; they were Sammy's friends who are also in restaurant business and were celebrating their anniversary. They chose his sushi restaurant for their anniversary. That is very sweet. Then, there was two Japanese guys, and a single guy eating rolls. Then a party of four came in... and everyone knew Sammy. He is such a famous guy!

Sammy told me that all his customers are good people. Laws of attraction. He is a nice sushi chef, and good people are attracted to his restaurant.

I found a place to stop by after work, eat and chat, or be alone and enjoy fresh fish and drink. Single dinner night. What else can it be more luxurious? I realized why God let me be single now. Thank you for letting me being single yet, and adventurous.

Good to heve a ikitsuke, which you can always go and relax.

Sushi Yaro
7905 Engineer Rd
San Diego, CA 92111
(you can check fresh neta/ ingredients here)

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