Saturday, August 7, 2010

Taiko show- Japanese drumming

Friday after work. Sneaked out of office at five, I crossed the border back, drove up to La Jolla, had single dinner at Pho La Jolla.

Vietnamese bun noodle with chicken.

I know.. I hear some of you say that is not authentic. Well, that's not the matter because I am a Japanese, and I enjoy eating "fake" rolls! I should confess I like Pho La Jolla. That is the place when I am in that area, hungry, and feeling like something healthy. I like it because of its cleanliness, good and quick service, taste, and location.

Only other place I would stop by in that area would be TGIFridays. Rock Bottom would be better for single dining, or drinking. Oh, this reminds me that there is a Rock Bottom card for discount pints of beer. You can sign up for free, if I am correct. Might want to get one, though I don't regularly drink.

Anyway, I was ready for Taiko after dinner.

The show was way more than I expected. It was a blast.

I like all about Taiko- powerful movement and sound, serious and somewhat secred attitude of drummers, festive atmosphere, professionalism, formation, rhythmical notes generated by the organized movement- everything!

Spine-tingling experience.

Song of the soul. Heart moving.

Japanese flute- this is pretty rare. I never saw this flute performance in my twenty something life in Japan. Sounded very Japan- wonder how many people in the venue appreciated this.

Standing ovation.

Audience dancing to the drum sound. Yes, the drum moves us.

I am so happy that San Diego has this taiko band: San Diego Taiko Their drum is authentic, decent, and powerful. Abusolutely cool.

Before taiko started, Tahitian drum and dance group performed. In the end, Tahitian and Japanese drum collaborated. It was a fun session.

I want to be a member someday. Who knows??

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