Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Thank you for reading

My motivation to write is the passion to share. Sharing what I think, feel, see, taste and more with my friends is my passion.

I also have a Japanese blog, and I tend to be more active on that because I want to share my experience and thoughts with people in Japan through the blog. That even inspires me to try new things. And the readers leave comments. That's probably typical Asian thing, but then that motivates me to share more because I learn what they think from my message.

Although this blog don't receive many comments, I want to continue sharing everything I can offer. My writing might not be perfect, but that doesn't mean what I am writing is boring. I was absolutely happy when my friends send me comments personally. Those comments put a big smile on my face, and motivates and inspires me to write a lot more.

Here I woud like to share what my friends wrote:

Hey May,

I just read your blog.... it always strikes me how simply and with such ease you are able to put your thoughts and feelings in words. (snip) It gives me inspiration to just embrace life and never to be low for long because there is some good happening somewhere. (snip) I consciously decided to let go of all the hurt and anger and focus on the happy. And guess what....happy smile was back!!!

Today when i read your blog, i was reminded of all that and i smiled because it happened for some reason...i do not understand it but i believe it was for my good. Thankyou, for being such a blessing in my life!!!!
- From my classmate P

May, I was looking at you recorded videos and I really like what you have written down. I like the way you express your feeling. I think that recording the things that you like and enjoy doing is a great idea. I would like to do it . Furthermore, I really like the tittle "every day's inspirational activity". It is really nice, I like your adventurous spirit !!!!!!!!!!!

- From my friend A from Grupo Niche concert

I have a lot to share from my daily life; I want to put more time and effort into this blog. Time management.

I always appreciate your visit and feedback to this blog. I like the feeling of connection with people. I am curious about what people think after reading what I write.

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