Thursday, January 13, 2011

Fiesta Colombiana

Fiesta Colombiana was successful.  My 2nd home party was to share my wonderful experience in Colombia with friends.

It was truly fun to prepare the party. I utilize the most of my experience as a destination marketer. What I first did was to displaye all the items I brought from Colombia- food, sweets, accesories, magazines, candies, and more.

This time I brought back a variety of food. Above is mora marmelade with cracker. Mora is my favorite fruit, is like blackberry. Mora smoothie with milk is the best drink on earth.

This is mora smoothie I had everyday in Cali. Real yum.

The food! This time I prepared:
- Aritas de pollo salsa picante
- Empanadas
- Aguacatada
- Tortica de papa

Aritas de pollo picante (spicy chicken wings)

Tortica de papa (Potato patee)

First come, first served.

Beautiful outside...

Manjar Blanco- Colombian sweet

Music was, of course, SALSA! and some other Colombian music. Since I am back, this Colombian local radio station is my accelerator. You can listen to the live radio from here: Olimpica

I felt so happy surrounded by my favorite food, favorite music, and favorite friends- actually 10 of them!

Since I cooked a lot, and friends brought a lot of food too, they said my party is a food-coma party! That is a great complement!

I showed friends Colombia's new hit songs on you tube thru my new 42" LCD TV. Here are the videos.

Chichoky is danced in a new salsa step. The step is almost like bachata. My Colombian friend Lina loves dancing this way.

Nobody would imagine this song is actually popular and heard on radio, but it is true.

I did show the lastest Colombian hot music, but then somewhat somebody found Japanese nation famous exercise video called "radio taisou". Funnily people did the exercise to burn off what they ate! They are too shy to dance latin dance. Well, that's fine.

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