Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I always wanted to write different thoughts in my daily life, and here I am back!

Lately I have been friends with this gentleman and what I learned from him was sharing. Sharing is something I was not really familiar with. I wonder if it is my Japanese thing.  When you think of food culture, in some places in the world food is served in a large portion in the middle of the table and people share the meal. In Japanese culture, on the other hand, each person is served with your portioin of the food. It is not common to share your portion with others.

It is a little shame to say this but I liked the idea of NOT sharing because this way you feel at ease.

One evening he brought me a full bag of frozen xiao long bao. It was from LA. Looked authentic and tasty. This was part of what his friend bought in LA and shared with him. It was frozen and you can’t find this quality food in any dim sum place in San Diego.

He could have kept all in his fridge and consume whenever he and his roommates wanted. But he brought the big bag to me.

It was way more than enough for a person. Besides I am streamlining my body this week. I decided to invite a friend over xiao long bao dinner. The friend is a smart and strong woman who just moved to San Diego after her marriage to my American guy friend.

We enjoyed the juicy steamed gems. We talked different things.

She is a person who never show her weakness. She is a strong woman. She only kept on talking and talking. She talked how successful she was in her previous position at work and how important she was in the organization. She talked about her husband and the life with him. She said her hubby wants to buy a house. I said “dream home”. She said it is not a dream because they can almost afford. She corrected me when I couldn’t refrase what she meant.

I nodded and listened to her. She said she has a good luck and that brought her to where she stands now. She said she wants a job, she wants to work, she wants to do something.

She brought some pastries she baked at the baking school. It became my breakfast next morning. It had sweet walnut filling. I learned those kinds are called coffee cake because it goes perfect with coffee. I left the home 10 minutes early and drive-throughed at Starbucks. It was a great start of a morning.

Sharing food is sharing your heart, your thoughts, your time, etc. Sharing makes people’s connection stronger and deeper. It is embarrassing but I might have been afraid of intimate connection with people, or being taken the message in the wrong way. But sharing is a positive message that you care about that person.

Life is not easy. People are facing difficulties. It can be work, love, family, health, or something else. Yet at least people can reach out and carry each other’s burdens by giving uplifting words or smile.

Sharing (giving) makes the giver richer.

I sent a message to the girl friend this morning with an illustration of a green healthy big tree with roots spreaded powerfully in the ground. I wish she will grow the root in the society and bloom beautiful flowers on her tree.

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