Monday, August 1, 2011

Book Launch Party @US Grant

It is interesting how the world reacts to you as you take actions. One beautiful Saturday afternoon, I attended a petit party at US grant- lots of positive, smart, professional people were there. Business cards are exchanged and interesting talk was shared. Pretty inspiring experience.

Becky Carroll is a customer relations marketing professional and her Customer Rock Blog tells us how successful your business can be with your customer service. She also teaches Social Media Marketing at UCSD. That’s where I met her. I have been doing Social Media Marketing since 2005, and it is one of my passion and her class is practical, creative and fun. The pity thing was I was a bit shy that I couldn’t share much talk with her during the course (yes I am a typical student from Asia), but I did like her class. I actually started this blog for class activity. She was always kind to this shy Asian student, or any students. Yes, she knows what customer service is. It is all about people. Well, you can say this to pretty much anything.

Her book launch party was successful. I was happy to be there celebrating her new book and her successes. It is always nice to know somebody you know is doing great. It was a wonderful party. Members of Social Media Club San Diego, old students like me and her husband and two beautiful sons were at the beautiful venue of Grant Grill.

Lots of positive, proactive, smart people were there sharing time and talk. I am totally energized and encouraged by the people, atmosphere, everything I felt in the afternoon. Time is provided equally to any people, rich and poor, old and young. It is about how you allocate your time to.

This week I will go out for dinner with this lady I met at the party. I am pretty sure it is going to be lots of fun. I am sure I will get lots of hints for my future activities. It is beyond my imagination where this encounter will lead me to. That’s why life is fun. Life is exciting. Life is beautiful.

Also, I thank my friend Nikki for coming to the party with me. I know she also loves this kind of excitement. Hope that moment meant something for her too.

Now her book with signature is with me. Green fresh look. I have one more thing to read during lunch hours. I will share about the book once I finished reading. 

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