Wednesday, August 10, 2011

To Give, Give and Give

In life there are times when you feel you are not doing what you want. You are stuck in the middle of flow knowing you can do more, go somewhere you feel more comfortable. In that situation you tend to focus on yourself more and try to gain more from others, input more to get out of the web…

I remember when I took swimming lesson as a kid, I had such a hard time breading. I took breath after every stroke to intake more air. In vain. Then the coach advised me, “Exhale all the air in your lung, fresh air will come in to your lung naturally”.

That sounded like a paradox, but it actually worked. The more I tried to breath, the more tensed and the more energy spent.

To get something you want, you might need to give something.

Fortunately I have met a variety of smart and respectful people in my life. They gave me so much and said they received when they received from somebody else.

I am neither a doctor to save lives nor an inventor to help convenient life. “The thing” should be something you can do with relatively ease and tons of passion.

What I can do is to show my life to people. I am good at understanding what I want, and I make moves and take challenges to be who I want to be. (That’s why I am here in San Diego, yay!)

I love to share with people my adventure. I enjoy showing people what excites me and how I feel. Based on this, I take steps to build and accomplish my Project M.

There are long way to go before I become like those respectful people I know in my life. I would need more time and experience to reach that point. I might need more supports from the people of wisdom. Yet I know I can give by my own way. You don’t need to wait till you become what you want to be.

If you need a change, it might be time to GIVE. That might open a door for new chapter.

So what did I give lately? Well, I gave a small party :-p It makes people happy, right!?

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