Wednesday, December 3, 2014

85C Bakery Cafe Open in San Diego

Fresh, sweet Asian Bread from 85C Bakery

85C is a Taiwanese bakery/ cafe chain store and it is popular among Asian population. My Asian friends in San Diego used to drive up to their Irvine store to buy their bread. The Irvine store opened a few years back and they had long waiting lines to go into the store even a few years after they opened the store. 

San Diego store opened on Friday November 14th. The waiting line was insanely long every day. I do not have patience to wait in line for bread, but instead I purchased their boba (tapioka) milk tea from their drink/ cafe line, which is almost no waiting. I highly recommend their boba milk tea. Please remember to ask half sugar or quarter sugar if you prefer less sweet in your drink.

San Diego finallly gets rain for the last three days and I thought it is the best day to get 85C bread. And I was right, there was no waiting line outside. Less people in the store, no bumping one another. Nice. I was there around 5:30pm and had to wait for fresh bread coming out. If you want some fresh bread, it is better to ask the cashier people there. 

After waiting for a while, I got a loaf of fresh taro bread (left top) because I saw somebody asking the cashier about this bread. I also got other fresh bread which I do not know the name (top middle), some egg tarts (middle), garlic bread (left) and some kind of pie (bottom left). 

I tried the taro bread this morning, there is a sweet taro filling inside, the bread is slightly chewy and sweet. I liked it. 

One of my favorite is blueberry cream cheese bread. They did not have it when I was there, but if you ever find it, that is the buy. 

I purchased some more bread and egg tarts for my Japanese friends as a gift. They got all delighted to receive it and enjoyed the bread. Great gift idea. 

It is interesting how people are craving for their bread. There are tons of bakery in the city. Especially Panera bread right across the street from the store. Panera's bread is not bad at all for my point of view, but people like 85C's sweet bread. But still why 85C? There is a Korean bakery chain Paris Baguette in Zion where they sell sweet bread, cakes and drinks, but there was no waiting line for their bread. 

I assume 85C offers stable quality of Asian style bread in a reasonable price. I did not compare pricing against Paris Baguette, but 85C's bread is not expensive. 

From business and marketing point of view, people's purchasing motive is always hidden and available. If you cannot sell things enough, then you are not delivering what the potential customers are wanting unconsciously. You cannot ask customer what they want, but you need to figure out what they want. Interesting.

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