Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Company Holiday Dinner 2014 Vol. 2

Have you heard of Posada? Posada is a Spanish word meaning Christmas party.

My coworker told me that this time of the year in Mexico is a Party Marathon. There is a party almost every day, from Dec 12th to Jan 5th, including Posada and New Year party.

With coworkers and their family

So... it was my 2nd Posada of this year.

Caeser Salad

By the way, did you know caeser salad is originated from Tijuana? There is a restaurant that was first invented caeser salad in Downtown Tijuana. Well, this caeser salad is not from that restaurant, but tasted fresh, very good.

I forgot to take the picture of main dish. I chose steak and it came with mole sauce. Interesting...

Lastly, it was funny when my coworker R replied to the waiter when he was offered coffee after dinner. "No, me pongo mas negro." (No, it makes me darker.) I was laughing at home just remembering this.

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