Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Company Holiday Party 2014

This year is coming to an end and we had an annual holiday party.

The Party Venue

The party was at a venue in Tijuana, Mexico. Looks pretty nice, right? This party was for all the employees in US and Mexico.

With the Team

The party started at 9pm. The invitation says 8pm, but it is Mexican time.

Appetizer plate

We enjoy chatting while having some bottom-less drink and appetizer while waiting for the start. The appetizer tasted pretty good.

Main Course

And this is the main course of the dinner. To be strict, the steak was pretty dry. I needed more sauce at least to swallow...

Party Time!

After dinner and ruffle is party time. Basically it is dance time. They provided party toys and it was pretty fun. They played different kinds of music. For salsa they played Yo No Se Manana, Valio La Pena and Llolara. Good selection. I enjoyed dancing and singing.

Dancing people... in the dark

This Latin party ended at 2am. This was my first time to stay till the end. Thank god we had no work the following day! It was a great opportunity to interact with people from other departments.

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