Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Focus Language for 2015

I am a language freak. I have English, Japanese and Korean CD-ROM's in my head as well as developing ROM's with conversational Spanish and Chinese (Mandarin).

Looking back year 2014, my focus was on Japanese reading and writing for my dream to publish a book. Yes, I want to publish a book about my fun experience and knowledge on tourism marketing in Japan. I am stocking my writing in this blog (Japanese).

My Tourism Marketing Page (Japanese)

Chinese was my another focus. I tried a couple of tutors, but it did not work out. Teachers here know how to teach Chinese to native English speakers, but not to someone like me with Japanese knowledge. I know and can write Chinese characters because I use those for Japanese.

It is so important to have a good reason to keep you motivated to study languages. People wish to speak French because it sounds cool, but your French won't improve unless you are really obsessed with the desire. And my case... I just wanted to be able to speak it more and better, so I can impress my husband and friends? Does not sound good enough...

Here is my situation with languages:
English   leveled off or hopefully better with this blog writing!
Japanese leveled off
Korean   dropped
Spanish  improved
Chinese  improved

Just received email from UCSD Extension on the new language courses. They give $25 discount if you enroll by Dec 8th. Only $25, but better than anything?

What is your goal for 2015?

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