Friday, December 5, 2014

Mexican Dinner with UCSD Business Students

Colorful Paper Napkin from Casa Guadalajara

Thursday night, viernes chiquito! (small Friday)

I was sitting at Old Town's famous Casa Guadalajara restaurant with two of my friends Tai and Maya.

I got to know them through my marketing business with UCSD. They contacted me through San Diego Ryugaku One Website (Japanese), where I provide hands on advice on study abroad in San Diego.

San Diego Ryugaku One

They are business professionals from Japan and studying Business Management at UCSD Extension. Both of them are truly diligent and absorbing everything possible during their study abroad experience.

Old Town was filled with holiday spirit inside out. Very pretty, must-go place during holiday season in San Diego. We enjoyed award-winning Mexican cuisine and caught up with one another.

Tequila Lime Shrimp

Tai's recent news made me happy; he got a job offer from an audit farm in Chicago. He will be working as a USCPA. How cool is that!? I knew he has been working hard to realize his dream and these students remind me of my days trying to achieve my goal to live and work in San Diego.

He attended the world-largest job fair for English- Japanese bilinguals called Boston Career Forum and got the opportunity. There are around 200 companies participating to recruit future employees.

Dream does come true as long as you stick to it.

Boston Career Forum: World largest job fair for English- Japanese bilinguals.

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