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Ricky Martin Concert in Tijuana, Mexico

Ricky Martin Concert in Tijuana on Nov 30th

My girl friend Marina loves Ricky Martin since she was little. I accompanied her to see Ricky Martin because she accompanied me to go see my favorite Salsero (salsa singer) Marc Anthony for the last two times. This was such a popular concert and actually some of my coworkers and friends were at the venue also.

Ricky Martin!

In conclusion, Ricky Martin Concert was great. He can sing, he can dance and he is good-looking. What else can we ask for?? (My friend Edwin said "well... being straight?" LOL) Anyway, We truly enjoyed his concert. Lots of dancing ;-)

The concert was at the place called Plaza Monumental in Playas, Tijuana's coastal area. The venue is a bull fighting stadium. They still show bull fighting there which I have never seen and I will not.. I am just scared..

Plaza Monumental de Playas, the bull fighting place in TJ

Anyway, we reserved our seats in Ruedo area, which is like arena. Very good seat. The ticket was cost me 3,300pesos which is almost like $300, but it was worth it because most of the other people had to buy 50 dollars general admission ticket. The venue was more than full. I even heard later that someone actually fell from where he was standing... scary.

Marina and me with flags

We brought flags of Puerto Rico (Ricky's), Mexico (Marina's) and Japan (Mine). I bought these for the last Marc Anthony concert back in August, and those worked pretty well as Marc actually saw them and said "Oh there are flags!". Flags are great communication tools in a concert, not many people bring these. And this time was not the exception.

Audience was screaming just to see him making some poses like this!

My buddy explained me that he was recently in India. He was making some yogi poses.

Lots of dancable songs and salsa songs made me happy. I danced along. Feeling awesome.

So this is what happened. In the concert Ricky asked the audience "Who is from outside the country?" Marina shouted "Japon!!!" and I raised my Japanese flag and fluttered. Ricky saw it and said "Ohhh, Japon!!" We are not that far from the stage, of course he saw us :-)  Me thrashing my flag was on the screen. I did not know then, but I was on the screens with the flags. My coworkers told me next day. Special moment.

She is in love...

Lots of dance-able music. 

He moved back from Australia and resides in Mexico City now as he is now the judge for the TV program called The Voice Mexico, the Mexican version of American Idol. 

After the concert we walked back to Marina's home and stayed there. Marina was telling her mom "Oh, muy muy guapo (very very handsome)". The mom of the single daughter was telling me in Spanish "My daughter likes Ricky Martin since she was little. But he is gay..." :-)

Here are some of the songs I liked during the show.

1. Opening- Come with me  Live Video by me

Very cool opening. Love this song, sexy.

Come With Me was the opening song. I like Spanglish version like this video.

2. Por Arriba, Por Abajo    Live Video by me

This one was crazy. The entire venue heat up. Surrounded by grea Latin audience. 
"Por Arriba, Por Abajo, Calientito, Bien Pegados" 

"Por Arriba, Por Abajo, Calientito, Bien Pegados" 

3 & 4. Vuelve and Lola Lola  Live Video by Me for Vuelve  Lola Lola (incomplete)

These are two special songs for me and my friends from NHK Salsa group because we used to warm up along to these songs. We all can move along the songs. 

5. Adios

Adios is his recent release, and he did not sing this song!! WHY?? They put this one as background music after the concert. Fans were singing along.

6. Tu Recuerdo

Another song I wanted to listen and he did not sing. Beautiful duet "Te Recuerdo". 

I have been repeating these videos and my videos from the concert. It is fun. I like enjoying one concert in multiple ways. Before the concert I review the songs of the artist. At the venue I am busy singing, dancing, taking photos and videos and waving flags. After the concert share the photos and videos with friends, tell the thoughts on and off line, sing and dance again and again.

Looking back I enjoyed some great concerts in 2015. Starting with great salsa band from Colombia called Sonora Carruseles, X-Japan's Yoshiki Classicals, Marc Anthony and Ricky Martin. I am now craving for classical orchestra and heavy metal like Metalica. Hope next year will be full of great live experience. 

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