Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Shrimp Tacos in TJ

I was craving for seafood tacos and my coworker R took me to a new place close to work.

Shrimp Tacos (Camaron Enchilada)

How does this look? They have different kinds of shrimp tacos. The one in picture is called Camaron (Shrimp) Enchilada, which is shrimp with cheese.

My another favorite is shrimp cooked with garlic. There is another kind with battered shrimp, which is cheaper but less shrimp because batter is huge.  

Octopus Crunchy (Pulpo Enchilada Crunchy)

My another favorite is octopus tacos. The octopus is cooked crunchy, the texture is awesome. I like the flavor of octopus.

Just in case you want to try seafood tacos in Tijuana, there are some good places to stop by. This new place is called Mariscos El Aniceto. It is a brother restaurant of famous El Mazateño. Same owner, same menu.

El Aniceto is a new place and cannot find much info online. It is located in the same small mall as the Subway on Blvd Industrial.

Happy eating!

El Aniceto
(This is the address for the Subway in the same mall)
Blvd. 2do. Eje Oriente-Poniente 
No. 19075, Local No. 14, Col. Ciudad Industrial.
2do. Eje Oriente, Tijuana, BC, Mexico

El Mazateño
Calzada del Tecnológico Tomas Aquino, 22414 Tijuana, BC, Mexico

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