Thursday, January 8, 2015

Looking back 2014

To wrap up the previous year here is the summary of my 2014.

Personal Life:

- Bought a beautiful home
- Had a wonderful wedding & reception in my hometown
- Had another reception party and photo shooting in Taiwan, wore 8 dresses in total
- Got marriage certificate in the US

Music/ Concert:
- Marc Anthony concert with friends, 2nd time
- Ricky Martin concert, 1st time
- Yoshiki Classicals concert
- Sonora Carruseles concert

- Relaunched English blog (this blog)
- Renewed Japanese blog
- Study Abroad in San Diego blog for my personal business
- Launched Tourism Marketing blog (Japanese)

Food/ Cooking:
- Tasted and cooked Indian cuisine, then also explored Sri Lankan food.
- Became a member of Costco
- Found some good restaurants in town
- Cooked some household dishes

Books/ Reading:
- Bought 60+ books at Sanseido SD Closing Sale
- Read Japanese books for better writing skills
- Found some good reads online

- Joined NAAAP
- Organized UCSD Business Group
- Attended annual tourism society reunion
- Relaunched SD Poison Checkers Group

- Love my Study Abroad in SD job, get to touch other people's life
- Knowing good host families are blessing

- Practiced Spanish and Chinese
- For Chinese tutors did not work. Will self-learn
- For Spanish, I can learn from music or at work
- For Japanese, English and Korean I will try to keep the level

My Life in USA
- 5 years has passed
- How to get intellectual satisfaction just like I did in Japan

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