Monday, March 9, 2015

Diversity Management Certificate

I am taking Diversity Management class as continuing education. It is a weekly class of 6 weeks, and Certificate is available with completion. Certificate will not hurt.

The last time I was in school was 2010 with UCSD Extension for Business Management Program. It has been five years.

I like continuing education is offered especially for immigrant residents. And it is free! (covered by our tax)

Diversity Management is every life for me. As a Japanese working for a Japanese company in San Diego and Tijuana, I deal with multi-cultural people and incidents on a daily basis.

It would be nice to know better on how to deal with diversity.

Here are the three classes I am taking:

1) Diversity Not Equal Political Correctness
Diversity is a dilemma from campus classroom to corporate boardroom. What do "culture wars" and "one America" mean? Can diversity be managed? Is a borderless world order the future?

2) Simply Race and Sex
Latin-Asianization is creating a majority-minority California. What commodities are to be mediated in popular culture? How will  "browning" affect public relations, advertising, and marketing?

3) Beans, Bread, and Rice on the Plate
The 21st Century has been called the Pacific Century. What is defining the emerging Pacific Rim regionalism? Is South County a potential hub for fostering closer ties between Japan, Mexico, and United States?

United States is the leader of diversity society. I am very excited to look deeper into this topic here in diverse Southern California.

Back in Japan, there is much less diversity if you compare to the US, yet there is diversity. However, there was almost no talk on diversity until recently. It would be fantastic if I can share with the people in Japan on what I learn in the class.

I enrolled in this course last year not knowing I would face such a big change in my personal life in 2015. Anyways, I will go ahead and step into this new adventure.

Will share more on the class.


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