Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Nadia My Friend (6) The Last Mass and Nadia's Home

Tijuana's San Miguel Church

After the early dinner with Luis, we headed to the San Miguel Church by his car.

As far as I know, Nadia's family was not religious, but Luis told me that Nadia's mom is visiting the church for the last couple of years for her concerns.

This is the church where Nadia's last funeral was taken place. Now there was no coffin, Nadia became ashes and is resting in peace somewhere in Tijuana. No more pain.

This time I learn that mass is the only event in Mexico that starts in time. Thanks Sylvia. We arrived just on time, ran to the bathroom. There were a fast high sharp sound "clang clang....." like triangle telling the mass started.

As we sneaked in to the church from the middle side door, and Afra found us and told us with her eyes to sit somewhere. We sat in the right middle, the 2nd row couch from the corridor behind where Nadia's family and relatives were.

The mass lasted nearly one hour in Spanish. With my limited knowledge of Spanish and Cathoric ritual, I barely understood the contents of the preach, but I caught Nadia's long full name in the first and the last of the mass.

I observed from the behind Afra held mom's shoulder during the mass. Mom held tissue in her hands and attached to her face in the last half of the mass.

The priest held a little bowl with pieces of bread in the middle of the mass, the believers made a line for the bread. The priest picked up a piece of bread with his hand and put it in each mouth. Nadia's family and we did not stand in the line for the bread, but Luis whispered to my ear "That bread tastes nothing."

In the last part of the mass, the priest encouraged us to shake hands with people near you, we shook hands with stranger nearby and also Nadia's family and relatives. I held mom's hand with two hands, she looked sad. Dad was there too, he saw me, looked sad, but sent me a wink.

And the mass was over. All the event was ended. I hugged with mom, Afra and dad. Long ones. Mom told me something in Spanish ".....espiritu..... existancia..." I could not get the full meaning and Afra helped me "She is saying Nadia's spirit is here with us."  "Si..." Nadia's spirit is with us. She is within us. "Thanks for coming." Afra spoke in rapid English as always.

We were invited to her home after the mass. We went back with their relatives.

The view from Nadia's home, taken in 2009

Nadia's home was the same as before except some minor changes. The steep slope was steeper than the one in my memory. I still will not be able to park here. Admire those who can do this.

Nadia's green parrot was there looking good, and Aini the cat was hiding somewhere due to her shy characteristics. Those pets were another concern of Sylvia and I reported her they were fine after returned home.

In the house, each sit on a chair and talked over coffee (I had water bottle I brought). We simply talked about what happened recently. Luis was asked if there is no girlfriend yet. Everybody laughed and the air warmed up a little bit. 

Afra said "Mom is doing okay now because the relatives here now. But they leave for home in Nayarit (the Mexican state where mom's hometown is) and I have no idea how she is going to be. So I will be taking a week off from work to stay with her."

The relatives was traveling by long-distance bus as they could not book the air flight due to the Semana Santa holiday. I heard it is 36 hours bus ride one-way. 

Afra was working for Deloitte 5 years ago, but now she works close to her home at her friend's audit house. It would have been hard for her to commute all the way to the Deloitte in Otay Mesa, her commute life would be much easier now. 

All the relatives (Nadia's tio, tia, prima, sobrino and sobrina) left the house at 830pm to catch their bus at 9pm. They were talking "I still cannot believe it" in Spanish and saying goodbye one another with tears. We shook hands with each of them to say good bye.

We left the house at the same timing. I gave a long hug to mom. To Afra I said "You must be tired. Please rest well. I will write you soon. Take care.." Afra said "Yes.. I still need more time... you need to consider about your health as your first priority. Take care." We kissed on the cheek and hugged each other.

Luis dropped me off at the border and I crossed walking back (Thanks to SENTRI, there was no line, just me) I went back home safe and informed Luis so. I also encouraged Sylvia to meet with us soon again.

At this point my puzzle pieces gathered lot better. However the only concern is about Alejandro. I still cannot get in touch with him. I cannot think of any other methods other than one last chance. I need to confirm the last method in the next couple of days.

This news would make him sad very much. We three were very close. (Somehow Alejandro and Luis know each other but not that close.)

In this kind of situation, I wish Nadia was here... then she would easily contact people with no flaw...

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