Monday, April 6, 2015

Nadia My Friend (7) Alejandro

Keiko, Aya, Alejandro, May and Nadia

My ultimate concern was that I could not reach our another best and oldest friend Alejandro. Then last Wednesday I was able to speak with him, finally. 

He is in Mexicali doing business with his partner. It was the day before Good Friday in Mexico, he was done his work around 8pm. He found my email when he checked his personal email when he came back to the office and opened his inbox after a while.  

I felt very bad and had to apologized him because originally I sent my message to his old email address and that delayed to reach him the news even more. 

It was also April the 1st, April Food day. However, he understood that I am not the person who would make this a joke and took the news seriously. 

Alejandro y Nadia at the border
He gave me a call and we talked nearly 30 minutes. He is a man with deep sentiments. That is, I believe, why we three were very good friends. We all have good hearts.

He told me he just spoke with Nadia around two weeks ago. They were talking to see each other. He said he wished to go visit Tijuana a bit earlier. 

"Nadia told me she was going to visit Japan. Do you remember Aya right? Somehow she got back in touch with her and she was planning to go visit her."

Aya is a friend who is from Nagoya and minored Spanish at SDSU, but then she suddenly disappeared and we all lost contact. It seems Nadia found her on facebook not so long ago and they seemed to be exchanging messages.

In spite of the shocking news, Alejandro appreciated that I reached him to tell him the news. We confirmed that we are still friends and he will come visit San Diego soon. I also told him "Let's meet up soon and talk." We promised.

He wanted to speak with Luis, and I gave him Luis' phone number. 

It was so sudden for him and I thought he would like to know more. I passed him the links to my English blog writing on Nadia just to hope to share what I have and helped him somehow.

He seems tied up with his work, he said he would be able to come visit in two months. I will look forward to seeing him then. 

We all have our own life, life goes on.

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